I am a software developer and photographer, based in Brighton, in the south east of England. I am lucky enough to make money working as a part time software developer, so I can do the photography that I want to do, rather than having to do what pays the bills. I don't like for example to do weddings, because it is too much responsibility, instead of enjoying taking pictures, I feel a lot of stress.

My favourite subjects are children and models. I have fun capturing the expressions of children, specially when they are not aware of the camera. I enjoy taking photos of wannabe models, that have little experience and need a lot of direction. Social and artistic events are also a great opportunity to take interesting shots, specially when there is a lot of action going on.

I like to make people look great in my photos. I think life is short, and everything changes so fast, that if you don't freeze time through a good photo, you are loosing a part of your life that you will never live again.
Skimpy Beach
ZT Fight Night 15
Miss World 2008
ZT Fight Night 12
Miss England 2008
Premiere Film 'Brighton wok'
Miss Universe UK
ZT Fight Night 10
Asian Bride Show
Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah
Miss World 2007
Asian Woman Awards
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